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RULES FOR USING MY STOCK</strong> <-- click there
If you need to contact me ASAP, it would be easier to contact me at johanneswalter (my main account) or via e-mail at

First things first, always remember to re-read the rules every so often, believe it or not, there are updates.
Best way to check is to go to the "Stock Rules" journal and check right up top, it will say the last time I updated my rules, however, (upon writing this journal) I updated the stock rules just today =]

Haven't written a journal in a while...

Anyways, I just went through some old files and pulled out a few that I thought might be worth uploading (I may, or may not upload more at the moment.)

Trouble is, I got college coming up and a stock account is something that requires "extra effort" -- right now my efforts are on building a better portfolio and applying to colleges and still graduating.

I hope you guys understand, and I won't promise anything because I don't want to let anyone down. But I'll try to update this account every-so-often and also check to see if anyone else has used my stock.

So, once again, my efforts are on my main account and they will continue to be.

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Submitted on
October 3, 2009