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Submitted on
September 27, 2008


Alright. So first off, I'd like to apologize if I flood your message-box with lots of stocks you don't like.. or with other nonsenical stuff.

Anyways, :iconkombator: has given me a"hitlist" of things to put up.
-Berlin Wall Pictures
[uploaded 12 - 50 more in storage]

-Fire pictures
-More cloud Pictures
-Pictures of Bricks
-More textures / brushes
-Pain and anguish.

I will try my best to fulfill all of these requests, however I can't make much of a guarantee that this whole list will be taken care of. However, the Berlin Wall pictures are being uploaded into my file-dump-box thingy as I'm typing this. But because of their size this might take a good while. [As well as figuring out dimensions and size.]

So yeah! I'll try to stay on my toes!
However my girlfriend is returning tomorrow, and because she lives with me she's a tad distracting. *hugs*
But I'll try my best to stay active here and make you people (making that plural just makes me feel wanted, even if it's only one person) happy!

ALSO! I don't get out much, so I don't have too many photo-ops, however when I DO get out I go picture crazy. *ehm*

Thank you, that is all.
[Almost forgot, the rules!]


1. [link] me to the work in which you used my stock
(preferably my main account)

2. Give credit (to this account) for the stock.

3. No commercial use without written permission.

4. You MAY use my stocks for prints.

5. For use outside of DA please contact me.

PS I tried making an avatar picture...
then I got banned from making new accounts. -_-''
Here's how far I got:
:iconcommunistpigeonplz8::iconcommunistpigeonplz9: --I still had a few more to go =/
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Dropping Daylight (don't judge me)
  • Playing: Rock/Paper/Scissors with myself
  • Eating: Gummi Bears
  • Drinking: Peach Snapple (you stalker, you!)
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kombator Sep 27, 2008   Writer
I'll try to come up with things that would be useful/interesting as time goes by
kombator Sep 27, 2008   Writer
i'm good like that--giving people work--yeah that rocks...
Auf dem Mond means "On The Moon" by the way.
--And I like having things to do.
kombator Sep 27, 2008   Writer
Aw goddamnit, oh well, i'll make up some b.s. about how it's on my way to the moon then I land or something!
kombator Sep 27, 2008   Writer
*clap clap*
kombator Sep 27, 2008   Writer
lol ty
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